Grandma's clothes

         The reason I moved just because the elevator was needed for my father easily moved in and out .  I hurriedly moved the things that I thought were important and placed them in a fixed position. As I got married, baby born , and the child grew older. I felt that the space was not enough. So, I started to have the idea of sorting out the house. The first one to enter the line of sight was Grandma’s two dowry wooden suitcases. Because of the size, and almost no opening after moving, I forgot what were inside. After opening it again, I found many daily necessities and clothes that my grandmother used before, and some things that can be called antique.


         Between the dilemma of "Keeping, not having a good environment to store" and "discarding, waste the treasure". I found that the National Museum of Taiwan History collected cultural relics. After getting the mother’s approval, I give it a try to apply to donate the Grandma's clothes to National Museum of Taiwan History. To my surprise, it was approved!

         It is suggested that if there are idle historical relics in the family, you may be able to try to make a donation application to National Museum of Taiwan History. You can clean up your home space and save the cultural relics for the next generation. Why not? Here's a brief introduction to some clothes donated this time:

1. Black silk group flower buds big blouse: The cloth is black silk, and the red woven word "Hangzhou Feng Yuyong" is embroidered under the collar. It is presumed that the cloth was brought back from the mainland or given by a friend as a gift.


2. Light green silk flower pattern big blouse: The fabric is light green silk, light texture, presumably summer clothing.


3. Black velvet long-sleeved women's gown: The fabric is black velvet, thicker texture, presumably for autumn and winter formal occasions.


         A total of 9 pieces of clothing were donated, and a thank-you letter and free visitor's certificate (Collection card) were received from the National Taiwan Museum of History.


If you have a historical relic in your home, you can apply for it through the donation page of the National Taiwan Museum of History.

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