Yu Qian Temple

    Recently, Wuhan pneumonia caused Hangzhou city to be closed. This reminded me of my trip to Hangzhou five or six years ago. That was I spared time to visit the West Lake when I am out of duty. There were only a few hours at the time, I chose going to Ancestral Hall of Yu Qian and Yue Fei Memorial Temple to visit and ponder on the past. It’s because these two men are great heroes in my mind.

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Pacific Island Country Coins

1. Origin

I used to know that my father had a hobby of collecting coins. Since my father passed away, I have done a little bit of summing up the coins left by my grandmother and my father. I only think that the foreign coins left by my father are a big part of the franc. Until recently, I have had time to carefully sort out these coins and do some research. I found some interesting things. I will share with you today the coins from the Pacific island countries.

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Grandma's clothes

         The reason I moved just because the elevator was needed for my father easily moved in and out .  I hurriedly moved the things that I thought were important and placed them in a fixed position. As I got married, baby born , and the child grew older. I felt that the space was not enough. So, I started to have the idea of sorting out the house. The first one to enter the line of sight was Grandma’s two dowry wooden suitcases. Because of the size, and almost no opening after moving, I forgot what were inside. After opening it again, I found many daily necessities and clothes that my gr

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