A NPC Village Turned City: Mountainville

Mountainville is a city built in Minecraft. This world feutures highways, a railway system, and of course, a Non Player Villager changed city of Mountainville.

Mountainville as of August 2018

This city is not for public use and is not downloadable, as this is a example for making your own city! It is quite simple. The thing is to find a village if you want a foundation like Mountainville and make it brand new by adding some buildings and spicing the empty interiors up! Make your own decor, and make anything that comes into your mind! Don't forget: In Minecraft: your imagination is unlimited, so make good use for it. All that requires basically is:

  • any type of building block
  • any colored bed with chest (if possible, a double chest!)
  • rail
  • fence
  • and more!

Have fun out there!

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